in the spring of 1996, philosophy was founded by a skin-care visionary with the soul of a poet. inspired by the infinite possibilities of a beautiful rainbow, this American innovator with over 30 years of professional skin-care experience working with clinical skin-care laboratories, decided to share her knowledge, spread joy and celebrate beautiful skin as well as beautiful days.

from the beginning, philosophy has been rooted in dermatological science and biomedic treatments. with that in mind, we seek to bridge the gap between what is offered in dermatologists' offices and retail so that women everywhere can personally have access to the best skin-care technologies available.



our first-ever press event to launch the brand took place on march 21, 1996 in new york city at the iconic rainbow room.

purity made simple, the product that started it all and kicked off the movement for makeup-optional skin, hit counters and stores in 1996.

we first appeared on the oprah show back in 1996, creating a lifetime relationship with the beloved star that culminated with the special-edition, 15-year anniversary of hope in a jar with oprah’s baby picture.

in 1997, we brought the concept of the in-home peel to you with the pioneering and innovative oxygen peel, a 2-step kit that was designed to detoxify and rejuvenate damaged skin.

in 1999, we created a diet you could live with: multi-tasking shampoo, shower gel and bubble baths in delicious, mouth-watering scents for a delectably sensory experience designed to be the best part of your day.

in 1999, we were the first prestige beauty brand to partner with qvc and we’ve continued to develop our relationship and presence with the multi-channel retailer; we made our first qvc uk appearance in 2005.

in 2000, we gave new meaning to super size, with our deluxe fan-favorite sizes.

we expanded our fragrance family with falling in love in 2003 and inner grace in 2006.

we think it’s the little moments that count, so in 2003, we introduced the cookbook, followed by other delicious duos and kits to inspire gratitude and celebrate life’s joys.

to take the guesswork out of taking care of your skin, in 2003 we debuted skin-care kits to target acne, anti-aging and everything in between.

in 2005, we launched shower for the cure, with all net proceeds going to the women’s cancer research fund.

in 2014, we debuted our skin-care breakthrough renewed hope in a jar domestically, then launched it globally in 2015.

in 2015, we launched ultimate miracle worker, our greatest anti-aging skin-care innovation with the latest breakthrough technology. the collection also includes ultimate miracle worker eye and night.

generosity and sharing enrich the lives of both recipient and giver. in 2014, we established the hope & grace initiative to help end the stigma and empower the mental health and wellbeing movement by providing opportunities to raise global awareness of the issues, learn about and support effective organizations and provide resources to bring renewed hope to the lives of our community.

philosophy is a community where passionate hearts and minds connect. by combining science and inspiration, we empower beauty from the inside out. we encourage conversation. we embrace generosity. we inspire beautiful skin as well as beautiful days so you can feel confident that anything is possible.

born out of dermatological science, we pioneered in-home peels. our highly effective products revolutionized and set the category standard. we continue to embrace innovation and redefine what’s possible by combining science with inspiration.

we work closely with renowned dermatologists and respected scientists to offer revolutionary skin-care containing gold-standard ingredients (many without parabens), breakthrough formulas and advanced technology for scientifically proven, dramatic results that you can see with your own eyes and feel with your own hands ― what’s in our bottles and jars inspires better skin, what is on our bottles and jars inspires better days.

every woman deserves to have radiantly beautiful, impeccably smooth and healthy-looking skin through products that deliver real-life results.

skin care
we believe the journey to great skin begins with our unique cleanse, peel, treat regimen to remove impurities, gently exfoliate and remove dullness, and treat and moisturize for optimum nourishment.

we believe fragrance should make you smell good and feel good. philosophy fragrances are created to enhance your genuine self-expression. our clean, classic scents whisper, but never shout. they are made to be worn for yourself… close to your heart.

we believe color should beautify your skin. our color products care for your skin and complement your natural skin tone with shades that mimic those found naturally in your skin. they improve your skin, color your world and lift your spirits. with unique problem-solving color, we are here to celebrate your individual beauty—pure and simple.

bath & body
we believe that every time you enter the bath or shower, you should feel refreshed, renewed and ready to enjoy life. we believe bath and body products should be a multi-sensory experience to delight your senses and infuse your day with joy.

we believe that beauty is more than skin deep; it radiates from within. beauty is not defined by age, gender or color. everyone is beautiful.