meet jenna

a piece of me…

this is my story, my moment. it forever changed me and is no easier to tell today than it was back then. my little sister died at the age of 21. she was hit by a car while crossing the street in manhattan. before her passing i thought i knew the meaning of life. i thought i knew what it meant to live and to be alive. and i did. but in a simple kind of way.

then—in an instant—she died, and i felt an immense amount of pain and sadness. although i had been to funerals before, nothing compared or prepared me for this. i remember sitting in my room after that whole ordeal of burying a loved one was through, knowing that i had one of two choices—i could go this way or that. i realized really quickly and rather suddenly that i (we) may not have control over the things that happen in our lives, but we do have full control of how we choose to deal with i—all of it—the good, the bad and the ugly. so i made a choice, and i continue to make that choice with each morning that passes. i made the choice to live, to see the sunshine, to find beauty in the simplest and the most ordinary of places. i made the choice to find the good in life, in myself and in everyone who surrounds me.

for me, life always seems to just happen as it should and when it should. i truly believe that if you open yourself up to the beauty and wonder around you, it comes flooding in. i’m an example of it. i met my husband unexpectedly and gave birth to the most beautiful little girl, abigail melissa. i know what it means to love. i know what it means to take a moment, a breath, to acknowledge all of the amazing things around me, to truly appreciate what i’ve got.

i love this life. and yes, though really hard at times, i made the choice to carry carry on gracefully.