noun. (21 c.) 1.a.: a person not defined by his/her chronological age; in fact not defined by anything other than a will to live life by his/her own guidelines. 1.b. a woman who lives the life she dreamt of as a teenager. 2.a. role model for women younger or older who want to envision their lives as uplifting, enlightened experiences instead of a series of planned events.

back to articles was created by wellbeing beauty brand philosophy to celebrate the release of uplifting miracle worker and to promote a new reality: that the middle part of life can be the coolest time of all. Here, we invite you to replace the anti in anti-aging with cool.

Did you hear? It's all about happiness. A recently released 25-year longitudinal study conducted by the University of Alberta has proven that the phenomenon known as the "mid-life crisis" is unfounded and therefore untrue. Their study shows that happiness actually improves consistently over time. To celebrate, we've created this online destination for CoolAgers: women not defined by their chronological age, but rather a will to live by their own rules. After all, at philosophy, we believe a woman should act according to how she feels - not a number.

Enjoy our stories and content written for CoolAgers by CoolAgers. Watch the videos featuring Ellen Pompeo debunking stereotypical roles that have historically defined the middle years of life. And join the conversation by declaring yourself or someone you admire a #CoolAger on social media.

philosophy welcomes you to the new the age of cool.