CoolAgers We Love: Gwyn Cready

Many people let their creative dreams pass them by, but not Gwyn Cready. After 22 years in the corporate world, the normally risk-averse businesswoman, wife and mother of two shocked her family, friends and colleagues by veering off her secure career path to become a full-time writer, jumping into the literary genre of time travel romance. We admire Gwyn for living the life she wanted, instead of the one that made the most sense.

In three words:

Feisty, funny, persistent

Absolutely not:

I refuse to vacuum. I won’t waste my time doing things I don’t enjoy, nor will I be held captive to the idea that “but that’s what women have always done.” Ever since my husband and I abandoned suburban living for a condo, we’ve been very happy with our two robotic vacuums. They work. I play.

Every day rituals:

I drink my morning coffee and read the newspapers on the terrace with my dog. After work, I swim with my husband. We talk about our day. We laugh. It’s cocktail hour without the alcohol and it’s utterly relaxing. And as I drift off to sleep, I listen to Isaac Mizrahi on QVC. My training was as a marketer, and that man could sell hair gel to Samuel L. Jackson.

Three greatest accomplishments:

First, raising two kids that are centered, smart, funny, kind, and really good at what they do. Second, navigating life beyond age 43. My mom died when she was 43 and I was eleven. I had no trailblazer to follow and a strong though irrational sense that the odds of making it past age 43 were pretty low. I’m grateful for every single day. Finally, letting my hair go white. I’d dyed it brown for almost 30 years. When I finally let it go, it was stunning—a beautiful bold white-platinum. I should have done it years ago.

Age is a non-issue:

I don’t even think about it. I sometimes think about how my inner person has changed since I was a kid, but I rarely think about the external stuff.

The importance of owning your age:

Showing that you can be comfortable in your body and your age is, hands down, one of the greatest gift you can give your daughters. Karen, one of my bridesmaids, died in her forties after a long battle with breast cancer. I called when she turned forty and asked her jokingly if she was going to stop telling people her age. She told me thought of each birthday as a gift since she wasn’t sure she’d get any more. In honor of Karen, I am always happily honest about my age.

The best part of getting older:

I’ve done it all and seen it all. People look to me for answers.

Her next adventure:

Becoming a grandparent, I hope. Kids, get to work!

CoolAgers inspirations:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Shonda Rhimes, Gloria Steinem, Helen Mirren, Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Tina Fey, and Melissa McCarthy.

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