CoolAgers We Love: Melissa Meister

Melissa Meister has colorfully reinvented herself several times since arriving in Hollywood over 20 years ago – as a model, video vixen, fashion designer, celebrity stylist and director. Her most profound transformation was when she bravely documented her single and pregnant experience on a WE TV docu-series. Now, juggling her duties as a full-time mother to son Arrow and launching a fashion tech company, she also gives back, helping entrepreneurs, single mothers and those in recovery. A strong, independent woman who embraces her identity, Melissa is someone we want on our team.

Self-defining CoolAger moment:

The day my former CEO told me to walk on set as the director of a multi-celebrity video shoot because current director wasn’t working out. Despite my lack of training, he believed in me and I was able to step in as if I had done it in a past life. My career, focus, and how I perceived myself all changed at that moment.

Absolutely not:

I refuse to dress like a mom and to stop going out dancing!

Every day rituals:

I’m obsessive about brushing my teeth and so I do it ten times a day. I call my Dad. I never ever miss a day of sunscreen and anti-aging products.

Three greatest accomplishments:

Having a child, which I get tears in my eyes just thinking about. Holding my mom’s hand while she passed. Getting past the point in life of thinking I knew everything, and entering the realization that I actually know nothing.

Embracing age, according to Melissa:

Don’t let a number stop you from doing what your heart and soul are telling you to enjoy. Know that “right here right now” is the most important moment of your life, so be present for it.

Next life adventure:

Adventure is defined as an “an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.” That’s my start-up, I’m energized by the challenge and up for the experience, even though I realize it may not look like how I envisioned it. The universe has a way of throwing in surprises.

Giving back to the world:

Service is the great secret of the world. By doing for others you are healing your soul. My focus has been addiction recovery, children, and single moms.

CoolAger inspirations:

Jennifer Lopez, for always looking amazing and motivating me to take care of myself. Marianne Williamson, who helps me get back to what’s real. I love Dianne Keaton, because she always seems to having fun. Serena Williams, who is only 34 but fits every description of a CoolAger, and as a friend of hers, I have personally been able to see her pick herself up, fight back, and win when it looked like it was over! I draw courage from her.

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