CoolAgers We Love: Mia Togo

To get a spot in Mia Togo’s Sunday morning Vinyasa class in Santa Monica, you have to get there about 30 minutes early. Even then, it will be mat-to-mat. But so worth it. This life coach, yoga instructor and mentor to many inspires with every class. She brings her life experiences (and yogi/artist boyfriend) into each class and shares her stories in a very real way. We listen to her voice inside our heads all week long.

Mia, according to Mia:

Compassionate, intense, passionate

Every day rituals:

I practice yoga to feel my body and listen to the wisdom, so I engage with what I'm feeling and experiencing. It balances my intellect and intuition. I kiss and hug my boyfriend and two dogs and let them know how grateful I am for their love and support. I pray to God and my guides to keep my mind clear and my heart open to channel truth and embrace change.

No way:

I refuse to be imprisoned by other people's fears and projections.   

Unexpected accomplishments:

Being a professional dancer, becoming a life coach and yoga teacher, going through a marriage and divorce and loving my ex-husband like family.  

What’s age go to do with it?

So much of what we believe, we become. If we think life will fall apart at a certain age, we can make that happen with our unconscious fears. There are certain truths that we do have to accept with growing older. I believe when we learn to love all of our truths, even the confronting ones, we learn to love all of ourselves. Love is beauty!  

Little age lies:

No way would I lie about my age!!!! By mother did and I thought it was so bizarre. I proudly say my age. When we’re not truthful about who we are, the shame is the very thing that contributes to premature aging.    

Age is liberating:

I actually feel younger now then I did 20 years ago. I’ve worked hard at staying healthy inside out. It’s created a strength and courage that allows me to be seen and not shrink. The baggage I've unloaded along the way has allowed me to soften the critical inner voices, and I feel lighter and more present in my life.   

Making the world better:

As a yoga teacher, I encourage my yoga students to identify where they hold tension and resistance in their bodies. It's often connected to old patterns of pain and even trauma. The ongoing tension can flood our systems and create disease, anxiety, depression and age us prematurely. Through the movement, breathe awareness, and inner discernment I help create a space for resolving and healing inner conflict. We are living in a time of great change and we collectively have to step up our game so we are all accountable for what we bring to the world.

CoolAger inspirations:

Marianne Williamson, Seane Corn  

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