philosophy product families | created as a balance of science-based skin care and inspiration, our key product collections offer clinically-proven results to enhance your skin and your well-being
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philosophy's purity made simple family of cleansers features multitasking formulas that offer clean simplicity in one step. as one of the first and most beloved products, the original purity made simple is a dynamo that cleanses, lightly hydrates and gently tones. the purity family removes dirt, oil and makeup for a clean you can see and feel morning and evening. it is a multiple award winner, and the must-have product quoted most by philosophy fans and staff alike.
shop hope in a jar
philosophy is known for formulating efficacious products that help maintain the skin's moisture barrier. our famous hope in a jar moisturizer is a glass of water for the skin. it goes beyond moisture to gently exfoliate and deliver cutting-edge antioxidants that inspire a healthy-looking, rosy glow in all skin types. most recently, our advances in skin science lead to the creation of oil-free and extra moisturizing formulas, spf options and a tinted formula for lightweight color.
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philosophy’s miracle worker collection provides renewed promise to a complexion with unwanted wrinkles, discoloration, uneven tone and rough texture. formulated with breakthrough retinoid technology, coupled with cutting-edge peptides, advanced moisture barrier protection and skin-brightening ingredients, our miracle worker advanced anti-aging collection provides dramatic anti-aging results—revealing clear, radiant, healthy-looking, ageless skin.
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philosophy's approach to fragrance was inspired by our belief that a woman's state of health is directly related to her state of well-being. our grace fragrance collection provides the ultimate fragrance makeover, with scents that enhance your mood and draw people closer, yet never overwhelm. the formulas are based on clean, wearable fragrance notes. our grace collection enables you to layer, mix and experiment to build your personal fragrance wardrobe.
shop the microdelivery
born from biomedic, the acclaimed medical company that pioneered in-office lunchtime peels, philosophy skin care has long been recommended by dermatologists. we believe regular exfoliation is a requirement, and it is a critical step to help de-age the skin. the microdelivery collection helps brighten, reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, improve clarity, promote smoothness and enhance the performance of your skin care products . . . all in 3 minutes or less.
shop oxygen
oxygen is needed by every part of the body, so philosophy created a way to help infuse the skin with oxygen, while exfoliating for a dramatic before and after result. the oxygen peel bathes skin in oxygen as it rapidly exfoliates. it helps clarify pores, brighten skin tone and detoxify for radiantly clear, beautifully bright, impeccably smooth skin. this unique, long-standing fan favorite is suitable for all skin types. the result is an instant brightening effect and an unmistakable red carpet glow.
shop help me
philosophy's help me is an award-winning night retinol treatment. retinol is a gold standard ingredient recommended by dermatologists to help minimize the appearance of large pores, fine lines and skin discoloration, while helping to clear congested pores. help me features a patented system that gradually releases retinol, for less potential irritation. help me helps address the first signs of aging and has been recognized by beauty publications and celebrities as their go-to retinol.
shop keep the peace
your ideal routine for sensitive skin experiencing redness, hypersensitivity and irritation. this skin care collection offers advanced barrier rejuvenation technology, multiple antioxidants and cutting-edge soothing ingredients. keep the peace is designed for those with sensitive, reactive skin. these conditions may be ongoing or brought on by harsh weather, stress or fatigue. no matter what the underlying cause, keep the peace is the perfect peace plan for happy, healthy-looking skin.