philosophy: intention is everything.

by: Tina Anthony

there’s a lot of talk about “mindfulness” these days, and even more advice on how to achieve it. the most popular centers around meditation. and with it, practitioners who can help you tap into your “higher” consciousness. for most people, this can be a little intimidating as well as time consuming. but it doesn’t have to be. because mindfulness is about wellbeing, it’s also a form of giving. and as such there is a simple, practical application that doesn’t necessarily require meditation or a practitioner. rather, just a few basic things to keep in mind.

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  1. mindfulness is about intention, not random acts. when you intentionally choose a course of action, you’re intentionally influencing the outcome.
  2. for every intentional action, there will be a reaction. so, your job is to decide what you want the outcome of your action to be for yourself (the giver of the action). this is called giving yourself the gift of being present, not distracted.
  3. ask yourself how your action will line up with the desires of the recipient. doing this requires tapping into the genuine interest(s) of the recipient. this is the gift of “tuning in.” whether you’re simply listening to the other person or choosing a gift that delights the other. this one actually works twofold because what you’re truly giving is affirmation. affirmation that the other person is important, and affirmation that you’re connecting in a meaningful way.
  4. being mindful and intentionally choosing your actions will help you to reduce stress in your own life by giving yourself time. by doing so, you’re allowing yourself to intentionally choose a positive action instead of constantly and impulsively “stressing and guessing” about what to do or how someone is going to react.

when you choose the path of mindfulness, you’re simply choosing to become more calm, focused and efficient with your time. you’ll begin to reap and sow the daily rewards of time, connection, joy and positive energy, giving it only to the one thing that is consistently and absolutely within your influence—your intention.

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