philosophy:pick your peel
at philosophy, we believe that healthy-looking skin is the most beautiful skin. in order to achieve this, the dull unhealthy skin needs to be sloughed away to reveal the brighter, more even-toned and youthful-looking skin beneath.

this is called cell turnover which skin normally does every 28 days on its own. but as we age, the natural rejuvenation process slows down. therefore, peels are necessary, not optional, to help maximize cell turnover and reveal the beautifully radiant, impeccably smooth and healthy-looking skin that all women deserve.

why philosophy peels?

historically, peels of this nature were only available under the medical supervision of dermatologists. with this in mind, philosophy pioneered the first in-home alternative, the "lunch-time" peel, to give women everywhere access to the best technology available to help regenerate and restore skin for visible improvement in the signs of aging.

unlike traditional exfoliation (scrubs) where physical exfoliators like micro-crystals or beads are used to remove dead surface cells, philosophy peels employ chemical exfoliators like ahas and bhas to gently disrupt the bonds between dead skin cells to reveal the new, smoother skin underneath. this helps reduce the look of fine lines, wrinkles, skin discolorations, enlarged pores and imperfections, and is a gentler solution even for sensitive skin.