philosophy:pick your peel
  • what makes this peel different?
    • the in-home oxygen peel is a rejuvenation treatment for environmentally damaged skin. this customer favorite bathes the skin in oxygen, while rapidly exfoliating, smoothing and hydrating the skin. it helps clarify, detoxify and brighten skin.

      100% of women had brighter, more radiant skin.

  • how to use
    • step 1: break open one enzyme capsule, and pour it into the container. fill container halfway with warm water, and shake well. wait 1 minute for gel to form. gel will be lumpy in consistency. apply a thick layer to entire face; do not rinse off.

      step 2: apply oxygen foam directly to face, avoiding the eye area and hair line. this will become foamy as it reacts with the catalase enzyme gel. leave foam on for 1-3 minutes as tolerated. do not get near hairline or eyebrows, as bleaching may occur.

      step 3: remove oxygen foam according to your skin’s sensitivity. if sensitive (or active acne), rinse off. otherwise, use enclosed spatula to remove foam with a shaving motion, experiencing the sharper side of the spatula. rinse. use once a week.

      leave on for 3 minutes. use once a week, or 3 days in a row for a deep detox "skin boot camp".

  • what other products should i use this with?
    • to reveal your most beautiful and healthy-looking skin, follow our 3-step regimen to give skin the nourishment it needs. make sure to cleanse before you peel, and treat after you peel.

      cleanse with purity made simple facial cleanser

      treat with time in a bottle daily age-defying serum

      treat — moisturize with renewed hope in a jar moisturizer or miracle worker anti-aging moisturizer

      treat — eye with renewed hope in a jar eye or miracle worker anti-aging eye repair