state of grace | philosophy
amazing grace: amazing clean beautifully feminine
amazing grace
life is full of beautiful moments, and for those you dress in amazing grace. this classic, clean, feminine fragrance is your little black dress when you want to go from everyday to beautifully feminine. it is a guaranteed compliment of “you smell so good.”
the notes:
welcoming bergamot to greet the senses;
irresistibly soft, clean muguet blossoms;
and lasting musk with its classic beauty
living grace: ethereal uplifting vibrant
living grace
sometimes you need to feel grounded in the present moment. living grace helps center your mood, enabling you to fully embrace the beauty of living in the present moment each day. this ethereal, clean fragrance evokes a sensory experience that creates uplifting feelings of vibrancy, well-being and clarity. you don’t wear it, you live it.
the notes:
fresh neroli creates uplifting feelings of vibrancy;
soft, clean lily of the valley brings a sense of gratitude;
and sensuous, warm musk embraces you in the present moment
pure grace: pure crisp infinitely clean
pure grace
this soap and water fragrance gives you clean, modern simplicity that is anything but complicated. pure grace is your favorite white t-shirt for a guaranteed all-day feeling that you just stepped out of the shower.
the notes:
a veil of water lily with a subtle freshness;
the simple, modern tones of leafy greens;
and frosted musk brings a refreshing finish
celebrate grace: exuberant sunny effervescent
celebrate grace
there are few things we cherish as much as loved ones and the time we share together. celebrate grace is an echo of the joy we find in friends and family. this lighthearted floral scent leaves you open and inspired to embrace each day with an air of celebration and gratitude for each and every moment.
the notes:
lavender, water lily and freesia embrace you with happy memories;
elegant white rose and peony fill your heart with love, joy and gratitude;
clean musk and rich sandalwood inspire you to celebrate
the magic of the season
celebrate grace: exuberant sunny effervescent