could your skin use a
breath of
fresh air?
take a deep breath
energizing oxygen gel cream moisturizer
detoxifying oxygen + antioxidant protection
to free skin from environmental & lifestyle toxins
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who is it for?
take a deep breath is a moisturizer created to revitalize a dull, clouded complexion due to environmental or lifestyle factors. it’s the ideal moisturizer for someone starting out who wants a lightweight, fresh-feeling moisturizer for the following reasons:
  • skin is a combination of oily in some areas and dry in others
  • wants to take care of their skin and help protect against
    premature aging
  • skin is dull, clouded and tired-looking due to environmental
    or lifestyle factors:
  • environmental aggressors: smoke, smog, recycled air, sun
  • lifestyle: stress, lack of sleep, poor/irregular eating
    habits, alcohol, smoking
features and benefits:
  • helps diffuse energizing
    oxygen to the skin as needed
    for a healthy-looking glow
  • enriched with a blend of
    antioxidants to protect the
    skin from environmental attack
  • oil-free formula leaves skin
    feeling smooth and comfortable
  • lightweight, fresh-feeling
    moisturizer provides oil-free
  • skin feels fresh and alive with an unmistakable glow
how does oxygen work?
one of the first changes that occurs to skin exposed to environmental and lifestyle stress is a decrease in oxygen levels, which can impair the performance of skin cells, causing dullness and dry patches. when oxygen is diffused to the skin, it supports oxygen levels to enhance the performance of skin cells and restore a fresh-looking glow.
oxygen also functions as a natural purifier, to help detoxify and help remove impurities from the skin.
hydration + spf 30
now available with spf, this lightweight, fresh-feeling moisturizer provides revitalizing benefits with broad spectrum spf 30 protection.
it helps diffuse energizing oxygen to the skin to inspire a healthy looking glow, while a blend of antioxidants and spf help protect skin against environmental attack and premature aging.
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