daily age-defying eye serum
helps your eyes appear:
• rested & luminous   • tight & firm
• wrinkle-free
we’ve set our sights on the source of aging—your skin’s dna. now you can correct the look
of the past, enjoy the present and see a bright future. transform the look of the delicate
eye contour with our first preventative and corrective daily age-defying eye serum.
features & benefits
• immediately gives the eye contour a more
   rested and luminous look
• helps the eye area appear tight, firm
   and wrinkle-free
• dna renewal complex helps promote skin's
   natural renewal and protection processes
ophthalmologically tested for safety
defy the appearance of all major signs of
aging—visible and not yet visible—on
the skin’s surface. skin appears smooth,
radiant, poreless, wrinkle free and even.
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transform your skin inside and out at any age.
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