transformative results clinically
proven to firm, fill & smooth eye-area
wrinkles and plump & smooth lips.

aging can happen
in the blink of an eye

ultimate miracle worker fix for eyes is an advanced
daily treatment specifically created to address the 3-dimen-
sional problems that occur around the delicate eye area.
our eye power-treatment features proven ingredients
including patented bi-retinoid, soy peptide extracts and
hyaluronic acid. with daily use, the eye area looks
more youthful and notably smoother.

*4-week self-assessment study with 31 women aged 36–55
**4-week independent and clinical study with 31 women aged 45–65
crepiness is when skin looks like crumpled up tissue paper.

plump, fill & prime your pout!

experience the ultimate fix for lips. clinically proven
to increase lips’ volume and decrease lip wrinkles in as
little as 14 days.* our super- tasking 4-in-1 lip treatment
plumps, moisturizes and primes for lasting lipstick
perfection and helps reduce the look of wrinkles on
and around the lips, all with the simplest application.

*4-week independent clinical study with 57 women aged 25–55
**4-week self-assessment study with 31 women aged 36–55