photo credit: Andrew Stiles

CoolAgers We Love: Amy Swift Crosby

We’ve followed Amy Swift Crosby from New York City to Venice, California, and then to Manchester By the Sea, a small town in Massachusetts. She seems to leave each place just as her life there heats up. Crosby started SMARTY, a networking event group, which she quietly transformed into a rich, insightful online community when that felt right to her. She makes decisions for her and her family based on authenticity, not fame and fortune. We admire that.

About Amy, according to Amy:

I usually do the opposite of whatever ‘thing’ the popular culture is embracing. I lovingly make fun of trends, like men in jeggings. I’m an introvert posing pretty successfully as something else. I like funny people.

Self-defining CoolAger moment:

I got tuberculosis a couple of years ago. I lost my voice for 7 months, weighed 100 pounds and was in an isolation unit in the hospital. Initially, no one knew what I had, so I assumed I was dying. Facing that possibility changes your life forever. Age becomes a privilege, not an apology.

Absolutely not:

I refuse to ever say ”for her age.” I don’t really like that qualifier because what you’re really saying is “you could be looking/doing worse—but for your age—you know, you’re not that bad.” It’s just not a big compliment. 

Every day rituals:

I’d love to say I meditate and drink a shot of wheat grass every day, but here’s what I really do: I make my bed, because I love rituals. I exercise, because my pulmonologist says it’s the only way to make my very scarred lungs functional. I drink basic black English tea with cream and maple syrup. For so many years I avoided things like coffee and sugar, but when I got out of the hospital, I decided to just drink and eat whatever the hell I want. 

Three greatest accomplishments:

Making these two beautiful babies with my husband Josh Crosby; they amaze me so much. I’m proud of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. We took the tough route, I didn’t think I could do it, but I did and have the most epic picture from Kurt Marcus to prove it. And being a paid creative. So many people struggle to find their purpose and to get paid for it once they do. I feel lucky that I do what I’m meant to do—and bill for it.

Age is liberating:

It’s really nice to not wonder if you’re talented or worth it. You cross a bridge at some point where you just know, and you stop proving it or questioning or doubting yourself.

The world needs her:

My blog is my means of contributing. Business owners and creatives really walk a different road, and their journey can feel very different than those with more security or definition to their livelihoods. I write SMARTY to express my understanding of that.

CoolAger inspirations:

Christy Turlington, Raquel Allegra, Natalie Massenet, Jane Birkin, Patti Smith, Stevie Nicks, Lauren Hutton, Ines de la Fressange, Regena Thomashauer, Agnes Martin (now passed…), Bella Freud, Taryn Toomey, Tina Fey...Dolly Parton! Some are my friends. Some I admire from afar.  

Follow Amy here:

Twitter @smartyamy
Instagram @amyswiftcrosby