10 CoolAgers We Follow on Instagram

By Leah Groth

Women who make up their own rules or regulations as they go, these are CoolAgers we follow on social media. They inspire, motivate and get us thinking that life can be whatever we make it. Check out these 10 amazing women as they sharing their experiences on Instagram.

Who: Brené Brown, PhD @brenebrown

Known for: Research Professor, Public Speaker, The New York Times Best-selling author

Why We Follow Her: Brilliant, enlightening, and truly a sassy scholar, this Texan mother of two has proven what one person can accomplish between the ages of 40 and 50. Her 2010 TEDx talk on the power of vulnerability has been viewed over 25 million times, making it one of the most watched TED talks of all time, she has written three #1 New York Times bestsellers, and has succeeded in making Oprah one of her biggest fans. Her Instagram gives us a glimpse into her brilliant mind, with quotes, quips and images of her daily life as a wife, mother, woman of faith and celebrated scholar.

Who: Geren Lockhart @bornpacked

Known for: Travel Blog

Why We Follow Her: This Los Angeles-based CoolAger has mastered the art of reinvention. A former creative director, she designed the high-end contemporary clothing line Geren Ford. Now, we follow this cultural nomad as she travels the globe, inspiring our own wanderlust. We love her unique perspective of the world, from the shiny gold Japanese sneakers she’s sporting in Rio to the kimono she wears in Bushwick.

Who: Sheryl Sandberg @sherylsandberg

Known for: COO of Facebook, author of Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, Founder of Leanin.org

Why We Follow Her: Sandberg is as powerful in business as she is in getting women to talk about their role in it, whether they agree with her or not. The self-made billionaire and mother of two shared her POV in her controversial and celebrated business memoir. We also watched her graciously walk through tragedy when her beloved husband died suddenly in 2015 after a fall while vacationing in Mexico. Filled with wisdom and grace, her posts are a daily dose of empowerment.

Who: Gina Ostarly @go_thenewforty

Known for: Fitness Coach

Why We Follow Her: Redefining what it means to be a grandma, this fit and fabulous CoolAger is a motivating force to eat healthy and work out hard with her colorful images and videos of creative cuisine, fitness moves, catchy quotes, and of course, her awe-inspiring body. To make her even more kick-ass, the Charlottesville, Virginia-based fitness pro recently pursued a lifelong dream, trying out for the New Orleans Saints “Saintsations” cheerleader at the age of 48. How’s that for spirit?

Who: Winky Lewis @winkylewis

Known for: Photographer

Why We Follow Her: This Portland, Maine-based photographer posts crisp yet haunting images, mostly of family, friends and scenery from her idyllic New England life. Lewis, along with her writer friend and neighbor Susan Conley, recently published Stop Here, This Is the Place: A Year in Motherland, a week-by-week photographic and poetic documentation of a year in their blissful lives. Every week Lewis would take a photo and hand it over to Conley, who without any discussion, would write some words about the photograph. The end result is a nostalgic gem that reminds us of the precious quality of every moment, many of them shared here.

Who: Carrie White @carriewhitehairdresser

Known for: Hairdresser, Author

Why We Follow Her: Mother of five, nana of ten, this sassy, SoCal-based hairdresser has been snipping the locks of Hollywood A-listers (who often appear in her feed) since the ‘60s, has a boyfriend decades younger than she, and published a juicy memoir Upper Cut: Highlights of My Hollywood Life. Thirty years sober, she has made it her mission to help thousands of women ditch the drink and is in active fixture at the Peggy Albrecht Friendly House in Los Angeles, the oldest women’s recovery house in the United States.

Who: Lisa Silvera @lisangeles007

Known for: Marketing and branding consultant, animal advocate, cycling enthusiast

Why We Follow Her: Here is an example of a true positive attitude. She’s a SoulCycle community leader, a connector, a shift-coach and a mom to an 11-year old bonus-daughter. We follow this optimist because we love the joy and uniqueness that comes across in every post – from her cycling journey with her Elby Bike, to her body-booming workouts, to the pure happiness of her family.

Who: Shonda Rhimes @shondarhimes

Known for: Writer and Television Producer Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away With Murder, author Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person

Why We Follow Her: It’s hard to turn on a television without finding some trace of Rhimes’ brilliance. This award-winning influencer has redefined women’s roles on the tube. In 2015 she published an empowering memoir-meets-self-help book about how saying yes to everything for a year transformed her life and career. On Instagram, Shonda takes us on her life journey—from the sets of her popular TV shows to the White House—reminding us of the power of a simple ‘yes’.

Who: Dame Natalie Massenet @nat_mass

Known for: Founder of Net-a-Porter, Chairman of the British Fashion Council

Why We Follow Her: This self-made entrepreneur became one of the most influential people in the fashion industry when she launched her luxury e-tail website in 2000, which she departed last year after a merger with YOOX. But the 51-year-old doesn’t seem to be retiring anytime soon. In January she was recognized as Dame Natalie Massenet by Prince Charles and in February hosted a swanky fundraiser for presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. With gorgeous, awe-inspiring images of her fairy tale fashion life, Natalie’s photos inspire us like a coffee table book we never want to put down.

Who: Pamela Mitchell @lifereimagined

Known for: Reinvention Speaker and Coach, Founder and CEO of The Reinvention Institute

Why We Follow Her: Touted “The Queen of Reinvention” by Fortune magazine, this former entertainment executive hopped off her promising career path in 2003 to focus on helping people drastically change their professional lives. She sets a great example, publishing The 10 Laws of Career Reinvention: Essential Survival Skills for Any Economy, and launching The LiftOff Project, an online resource for re-inventors like us. Her inspirational quotes are like a jolt of caffeine in the morning.