philosophy believes love is a journey, and a fragrance is a lovely way to
cherish the moments along the way. love cannot be described with just
one word, and therefore cannot be captured with just one fragrance.
how do you want to feel?
change your mood by changing your fragrance
this lively, romantic fragrance makes a woman feel irresistibly swept
away and inspired to live each day with passion. go from flirty to
head-over-heels in love, like you’re being swept off your feet again
and again. loveswept is an irresistible feeling.
the notes:
fresh bergamot and citrus capture the spark of new love;
soft florals of pink jasmine, lotus blossom and purple passion fruit.
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love sweet love
this bubbly, happy fragrance takes you on the journey of a first love, when
you are so happy that nothing else matters, a daydreamy feeling unlike
any love you’ve ever felt. this love is new and sweetly innocent, without
any worries, just love sweet love.
the notes:
sparkling pink grapefruit with its flirtatious effervescence;
juicy mango essence to inspire a lively happiness;
and irresistibly warm, comforting vanilla to wrap you in love
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falling in love
you feel the spark of romance. this is true love fulfilled, and you
can feel the passion with a come hither stare, a guaranteed way to
draw someone closer. like wearing lace lingerie, falling in love
allows you to embrace your romantic side.
the notes:
sun-ripened blackberry captivates the senses;
smooth, sparkling jasmine inspires romance;
and vanilla melts deliciously over your skin
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unconditional love
this heartfelt fragrance is soulful, passionate and enduring, like a hug
from a loved one. created to make a woman feel loved and cherished.
unconditional love reminds her that to love and be loved
unconditionally is the greatest love of all.
the notes:
black raspberry speaks of soulful love;
peaceful white lily makes you feel cherished;
and cashmere vanilla shares affectionate warmth
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