pollutants and lifestyle factors can lead to a dry and dull complexion. through clean-air technology™, the reservoir of oxygen on skin’s surface means an increase of cells’ energy which translates to optimal skin-cell functions. this allows skin to look radiant and energized. our patented antioxidant & anti-pollutant complex helps neutralize damaging free radicals from environmental and lifestyle sources that can age skin.

with the first application:

hydration is boosted by 50%, quenching dryness and leaving skin smooth to the touch.

oxygen levels are increased by 28%, re-energizing all cellular functions, restoring a healthy radiance.

day after day:

skin is protected from environmental aggressors

reducing sensitivity, the look of pores and imperfections and

reinforcing skin’s ability to resist aging

after 2 weeks of use:

see skin that appears healthy and radiant and feels smooth to the touch.

90% of women felt their skin refreshed and better able to breathe freely.

use take a deep breath as part of your simple cleanse, peel, treat regimen to help your skin resist aging and recover from the effects of a busy lifestyle.

philosophy and Under Armour meet at the intersection of wellbeing for women. philosophy celebrates a woman’s inner beauty and confidence, as manifested in her outer beauty, while Under Armour celebrates the physical and mental strength of women everywhere. together, we’re inspiring a movement that reminds women to breathe…because breathing changes everything.


you can do more when you take a moment to breathe. it’s true that if you can dream it, you can do it. but sometimes you hesitate to jump right in. that’s when breathing changes everything. so step up, close your eyes, take a deep breath and own it! because your moment is now. #dontforgettobreathe